Mr Hughie feeling at home at Silo's

Seaport Area


This area in Launceston has great walking, eating, drinking and park options. It can get fairly busy down here at times with runners, cyclists and people just out and about. 

You can park at Stillwater Restaurant (max 2 hours: free) and start the walk here through Kings Park or you can park at Royal Park (for a fee - depending on what time and day you go). Stillwater does a great coffee and has outdoor seating (dogs allowed outside). From here it's a flat and sealed walk along the Tamar river round to Seaport. Stop off at Levee Food Co for an ice-cream...both the outside and inside areas are wheelchair friendly (dogs allowed outside).

Continue over the new pedestrian bridge where there is a great kids playground called River Bend Park (dogs are not allowed in the park itself). Once over the bridge, turn left and continue along the path for another 2(ish)km along the river. The views are less scenic as the area is a little more industrial and the path can be a little more bumpy being loose gravel, but we think it's worth the wander. 

Once you reach the end of the footpath, you can either do a circuit and come back along the road, or we find it a bit nicer and quieter to turn around and come back via the same route. The Silo's Hotel (which has wheelchair friendly access around the front) is a great option for resting the legs (and arms) and enjoying a glass of vino (dogs allowed on both the front and back deck).

If you want a longer walk...continue along Lindsay Street away from Silo's and you will find yourself on the Inveresk Trail by the river - there are two road crossings along this route. This trail links further onto Heritage Forest (which is detailed separately) or you can cross over the pedestrian bridge and head back towards Seaport via the Esplanade Trail (other side of the river). 

Once you've crossed the main road (Lower Charles Street), head back to the car through Royal Park. 

Dogs on lead for this walk. 

Walking Circuit