Rocherlea Old Rail Trail


This trail runs from Mowbray Golf Course all the way to Rocherlea along an old railway track. It isn't as scenic as some of the other walks we have stumbled upon but still worth it on a nice day.

One option is to park at Newnham Reserve off Bishops Drive, which is a lovely large park with a sealed path running through - there is quite a steep incline on the way out of the reserve if heading onto the Rocherlea trail. This path will bring you out onto Rondora Court...cross over George Town Road and then head down Hume Street (to the right) to start the walk. 

There are a couple of barriers during the trail including at the entrance which can be a little difficult and tight to navigate with a wheelchair (especially when Mr Hughie is standing in the way!!) but it's manageable. The trail is approx. 3km from here to the exit at Mowbray Golf Course on a sealed path - with the occasional bumpy part. There's usually a few wallabies out and about on the trail or in the adjacent woods if you can spot them. It is a gentle downhill incline which you don't really notice...until turning around and pushing the wheelchair back up the same way.

You could probably do a circuit if you exited the trail at the golf course and returned via the main roads...but we haven't tried this. We did attempt an 'off the beaten path' circuit...but that wasn't as successful as we hoped (see pictures below) 😂

Alternatively you can park near the Mowbray Golf Course (off Dover Street) and do the walk from here the opposite way round. However, please note the entrance here is a little tricky with a wheelchair.

Dogs allowed on lead - Mr Hughie off lead for photo purposes only.