Orford is a great little place on the East Coast approx. 200km from Launceston. The drive down (especially from Swansea to Orford) is incredibly scenic along the coastline. 

We have stayed here a couple of times now in a HomeAway rental. They aren't advertised as 'wheelchair accessible' as there is a small step into their house at both the front and sliding door  - however we found this more than manageable and the host is super friendly and very accomodating.

Orford itself is a very quiet and friendly village - perfect for a restful weekend away. There are a number of beautiful beaches surrounding Orford, however it's important to note that several have restrictions to dogs depending on the time of year and day you are visiting and a number of them are not easily accessible to wheelchairs. We did manage to access the water front off Esplanade (at the Prosser River) and achieved a short walk/run with the wheelchair .  

We did a couple of walks...although both had to be cut short due to the rain coming in! For our first stroll - if you head back over the bridge (heading out of Orford), there's a path immediately after the bridge to the right...you can follow this path along the river all the way up to Raspins beach and then come back the same way (dogs allowed on lead). The path is mainly flat, with loose gravel and the occasional bump, which we found fairly manageable (see highlighted red on the map pic).

The second walk (highlighted purple on map pic) we tried was from Orford Beach along towards Shelly Beach. We started at the kids playground (Walpole Street-in front of Orford Beach) and strolled round to Orford Rivulet where there is a little bridge to cross. We continued along the path which led down to Shelly Beach (Jetty Road). The path was well formed and pretty flat to start with but there were some inclines every now and then and a couple were a little steep  (dogs allowed on lead).

Unfortunately we were unable to access Shelly Beach with the wheelchair at this point..so Mr Hughie had a quick paddle and then we headed back the same way before the rain set in.