We had a great day out up in George Town and Low Head.

On route we stopped off at Hillwood Berries Farm which is just 20 minutes drive from Launceston on the East Tamar (both wheelchair and dog friendly). There are lots of picnic tables available and an outdoor deck. You can pick your own fruit (we didn't do this) and there is a fabulous cafe serving an assortment of delights as well as homemade fruit wines and cider. We had a delicious brunch of pancakes and muffins.

From here we then ventured up towards George Town..stopping of at Mount George viewpoint (off Mt George Rd) where there is a wheelchair-accessible pathway from the car park to near the mountain top. There is also an additional viewing platform that unfortunately you can't access with a wheelchair as it's a decent flight of stairs.

At George Town we parked at the end of Macquarie street, near the esplanade. There's a couple of benches and a nice view for a picnic if you haven't already eaten too much at the berry farm!!

From here there's a great walk up towards Low Head. It's a mixture of a foreshore walk, the main road and a section on a natural (loose gravel) path. I am under the impression you can walk all the way to Low Head but please note we only went as far as the pin on the map (approx. 4km from George Town). There was a mini lighthouse and a small rocky beach where Mr Hughie could have a paddle and then we returned to the car via the same route. 

Mixture of dogs allowed on lead and off lead - under effective control. 

Lastly we then drove the short distance to East Beach at Low Head (approx. 10 minute drive). There isn't wheelchair friendly access (that we could find) but we managed to get the wheelchair and mum down the short flight of steps to the beach where mum could enjoy the sun and the sea and Mr Hughie could have a play before hauling her back up the steps and home!