Beauty Point


Beauty Point is a cute little town on the West Tamer that's worth a stop off...approx. 50km from Launceston. 

There's a lovely beach area called Redbill Point Conservation Area (near the caravan park). There are multiple points of access to the beach - some can be a bit tricky with the wheelchair and the beach itself can also be temperamental. We have been here several times...occasionally we can run up and down on the beach, other times it's not quite so compatible 🤣 but nonetheless it's still a nice spot to visit!! 

There are a couple of gentle walk options...we either leave the car at the Redbill Point Conservation Area and do a short 3km semi-circuit around Beauty Point (walking option 1). This is a completely sealed and flat path, but the majority is along the main road, however you wouldn't really notice as Beauty Point seems so quiet in terms of traffic and people.

Walking option 2 is to park at the Esplanade and wander down towards the Wharf...this is more a loose gravel path and has a couple of gentle gradients. We usually return via the same route.

There are a number of excellent vineyards to stop in at along the West Tamar on your way back to Launceston (or on your way to Beauty Point) so take your pick. Our favourite is Winter Brook Vineyard 🥂.