About Us

A quick introduction to who we are and why I started this website. In January 2020, my folks came out to visit me in Tasmania for their usual three-week summer holiday from the UK. Unfortunately, a week into their holiday, my mum became seriously ill and was diagnosed with an inoperable, aggressive brain tumour (glioblastoma multiforme; GBM). Mum underwent 6 weeks of palliative radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which unfortunately wasn't successful. Due to the location of her tumour, mum became paralysed down the right side of her body and now requires assistance for all of her activities of daily living and a wheelchair for all mobility. Mum was also deemed unsafe to fly back to the UK so they currently reside in Launceston with me and my beloved four-legged friend...Mr Hughie.


My google searches suddenly changed from 'dog-friendly' places to visit to 'wheelchair and dog friendly' places. Now, it may be my computer/technical skills but I could find very little information out there on walks or places to visit and explore except for a few short boardwalks at a small number of national parks, where of course dogs are not allowed to go. So, I decided to share our adventures with the hope others may find some of the information useful. And if I can raise awareness of brain cancer at the same time...fantastic. 

I would like to state that our adventures are not always your average boardwalk or what many people would consider flat. Given we often explored places or tried a walk with little or no information - many of them turned out not to be truly wheelchair friendly. If it hadn't been for my dad (a 73 year old retired farmer suddenly turned chef extraordinaire) who is fitter than your average 40 year old with an attitude of ‘we can do anything’ some of our adventures would not have been achieved...so please read carefully 😀.


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